Negotiation Practice Community

Negotiation requires skills, and skills require practice.

Join us in honing the skills taught by various leaders in the industry.

It's hard getting in

real-world practice.

Online tools can help.

Whether it's the pandemic or the anxiety of confrontation, we're here to help. Discuss negotiation tactics and strategies with professionals in a variety of fields. Take part in our live practice sessions. We help each other with almost every aspect of negotiation, whether at work, at home, or anywhere you happen to be.

Join the discussion and find the support you need in your journey to negotiation mastery.

Use free tools at your convenience

The tools we use are free and available to anybody with an internet connection. Your improvements are limited only by your interactions. With many sessions per week in a variety of time zones, you’re sure to find ones that fit your needs.

Discuss on Slack

We have plenty of channels to browse. Seek advice, check out the weekly meetings, or just chat it up with the the community.

Meet on Zoom

Practice with others on Zoom — bring a camera for best results!

Keep up on Blogger

Check out our blog for any additional information about our community and any updates.

Our Story

Collaboration and growth.

We were first brought together through a common interest in the effective negotiation techniques of Chris Voss and his Masterclass on negotiation.

Though Chris’s skills were refined in the high-stakes world of hostage negotiation, we as classmates understand the applicability of these skills to almost every aspect of life, not limited to work, family, friends, and even daily interactions with a local barista or store clerk.

One thing was clear – we could not gain these skills by simply watching videos. Practice is essential. So, we started this group in order to facilitate practice sessions.

On Slack, our interactions and community have exploded! To help assist us in this growth, we’ve outlined a structure for the group going forward so we may continue to expand in a thoughtful way that benefits everyone.

Our Vision

Our Community Vision answers questions about this community, it's purpose, direction, and government.

This Vision was created with input from many people in the community! It is a living document and may change as our group continues to evolve and grow.

Join our Community

"You can never spend too much time practicing." - Derek Gaunt

We all need the practice. Get it from your partner, your children, the store clerk, or the customer service rep, it doesn't matter. As long as you keep challenging yourself, you'll go far. This community is one step in our journey to negotiation mastery.

Will it be yours?